A Telling Letter to the President of Somalia

To the president of Somalia;

 Dear Mr. President;
The latest explosives-laden truck which blew up at a busy intersection in Mogadishu last Saturday (28th Dec 2019), has killed over 80 innocent students and civilians, including amongst others a mother who lost both her 2 daughters. Rahimahullaah and also left many others injured.
We pray for Somalia deep in our hearts; may Almighty Allah pour upon it clean security and progress.  It is inconceivable that a child could be born and dies in Muqdisho without that child experiencing peace and prosperity.
The attacks left us shocked and uncertain.  This is not the first tragedy that had afflicted the country, many took place before and right after this blast, sometimes, it is a daily occurrence.
 Mr. President, we cannot let thousands of innocent civilian’s deaths meaning nothing to us, it must compel the Somali government under your leadership to seek peace and protect civilians from these criminals who call themselves liberators when in fact liberate none but imprison our future.
Mr. President, many Somalis are questioning themselves the role/stay of the Amisom Army in Somalia’s security and stability?
I call for a national prayer for all young promising people and for all the lives lost. May Allah Swt grant Marhumeen Jannatul Firdous, May Allah grant speedy recovery and complete Shifaa to the injured…Ameen
May their souls remain constant stamina to you Mr. President and your government each day when you lead our people, and may Allah Bless Somalia and keep safe its children…Ameen
I trust and believe Somalia will Inshaa Allah, rise from the difficulties of the day and become a great country again and recover many years of civil wars.
Trust you find the above in order
 By: Saeed Furaa
 A banker cum Social Entrepreneur

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