Somaliland: Nagaad donates essential kits to prisoners in Gabiley’s main prison

A delegation from Nagaad umbrella arrived in Gabiley today, saying they have donated various materials and supplies to women prisoners in Gabiley’s main jail.

Speaking at the Nagaad Vice-Chairperson, Khadra Omar Hassan, said the donation to Gabiley Prison was intended for women prisoners, she said; “This is not the first time Nagaad has brought donations to Gabiley prison, it has close cooperation with the Somaliland Ministry of Justice, and also has close collaboration with the Ministry of Justice which is involved in most of these issues.” Nagaad as you know it is an umbrella organization for women’s development, so here we brought with us 40 kits for women prisoners, including their special needs. “It will not be the last time we meet and Insha Allah many other times.”

The deputy commanding officer of Gabiley women prison thanked Nagaad Umbrella for their donations to the inmates said, “Today we received representatives of Nagaad Umbrella who brought special kits for prisoners in the prison, we pray to Allah to reward them for their generosity. This is not the first time Nagaad has brought such essential items to female prisoners.

Mr. Maulid Dahir Ali, director of the Gabiley prisons department speaking on the occasion said, “I would like to thank Nagaad for their donations, you brought them this kits the time prisoners need them most, this isn’t the first or second time you made such donations.

Mr. Mohamed Nuur Mooge, the regional coordinator for Nagaad in Gabiley region said, “ A high-level delegation from the ministry of justice, Nagaad and other agencies to check the current conditions of Gabiley prison be it in terms of health, education and the rights of the prisoners held at this prison.

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