Somaliland: Berbera Municipality Installs Water Cooler Units Around the City

Berbera local municipality has taken another unprecedented step to transform the serene Red Sea port of Berbera to a more hospitable habitat to its growing residents.

The Municipality, Wednesday, installed cold water-dispenser units around strategic Imagepoints on main streets around the city to help residents cope with the upcoming hot, dry season.

In the recent past, the city had come to grips with crippling water and electricity shortages – two utilities the dearth of which turned the bustling port city virtually uninhabitable.

Mayor Abdikarim Iddin and his Executive Secretary, Abdikarim Adan Addeh, and their staff had, since they came to lead the city turned it into a most enviable, forward-looking, pacesetter in urban planning, resident care, and environmental development.

Palm fronds now wave in perfect tempo with the soft breezes of the sea town on most of its wide, well-paved boulevards tanks to pooled resources realized from own taxation coffers or the Joint Programmes for Local Governments.

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