Freedom in the World -Somaliland Country Report

Somaliland is the only ‘free’ country in the Horn of Africa, according to the 2020 Freedom in the World report! It’s also the only country with borders from the colonial era that is not recognized!

For another year in a long row, the Republic of Somaliland has scored higher than all countries in the Arabian Peninsula as well as all the African Horn. Much higher than recognized neighbor countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Eritrea in the annual ‘Freedom in the World’ report, published by the American institute Freedom House.

Somaliland is among two dozen African countries that were ranked as ‘partly free’ and ‘free’.

Neighboring Somalia was ranked as the second-worst country in Africa for freedom. Still, the world recognizes all the other countries with less democracy and freedom and leave the only partly free nation in the region unrecognized.

What kind of message does that send to the undemocratic parts of the world?

Its time to take a stand for Somaliland!

#SomalilandHaNoolaato #SpecialEnvoyMikaelTorstensson

Read the report here:

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