Somaliland: Hargeisa residents protest against new water meters

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Residents of Hargeisa’s Xero Awr neighborhood, Ibrahim Koodbur district, staged a protest against changing the water meters, which the Hargeisa water agency recently informed the public to install the new smart water meters within a three months period.

At the moment, officials at the Hargeisa Water Agency say that it is a mandatory new water meter priced at $ 50, which is different from the current meters used by most households in the country.

Members of the general public have expressed their disgruntlement and are the President of Somaliland to intervene, asking him to address the issue.

The director of the Hargeisa Water Agency, Mr. Mohamed Ali Darod, has so far not commented on the public’s complaints about changing the new meters.

One of the mothers protesting in Xero Awr suburb, Ibrahim Koodbur district, said that most families living in the area were underprivileged and could not afford the high price set for new water meters, which the water agency has made mandatory for people to install in their homes.

Another resident said, “We can’t afford to buy a new water meter each time the Hargeisa water agency demands so, they should know whether we drink water or not. Instead, they should first be aware of our plight before embarking on unscrupulous business, most of the time our taps run dry, and whatever little money left is spent on purchasing water from private water buzzers and we strongly urge the President of the Republic of Somaliland to intervene,”.

Mr. President we’re peace-loving people who love their country, we need water but at the same time can’t afford to buy the expensive $50 dollars water meters, we can’t bear that burden.


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