Somaliland: Energy Commission Inspects Waaheen Market

By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Chairman of the Somaliland Energy Commission Mr. Ahmed Farah Adarre along with the Director of the Commission Mr. Mohamed Mohamud Abdi Malow and Engineer Bashir Abdi Ahmed inspected the city electricity situation in the Somaliland capital Hargeisa.

The officials inspected the main market in Hargeisa, the main road between the capital and the main hospital in Hargeisa, and also visited the main market in Waaheen.

The inspection follows a plan to rehabilitate the power supply lines currently being installed inside the Waheen market square where the first phase is nearing completion.

The officials urged the power companies to install their lines through the main Waheen market and to speed up the rehabilitation of power lines running through the market stalls.

They also met with the Director of Hargeisa General Hospital to discuss the need for electricity in Hargeisa Group of Hospitals, and General Director Mr. Ahmed Omar Askar shared with the Energy Commission officials the need for electricity at Hargeisa General Hospital.

On the other hand, General Director Mr. Ahmed Omar Askar briefed the officials on the electrical problems caused by the quality of the power lines and electrical equipment.

The energy commission officials pledged to reform the power lines between the main Hospital in the country, so as to avert dangers caused by electricity, also pledged to help the in repairing the Hospital Solar power grid which is currently stalled due to a technical glitch.

Lastly, the Energy Commission urged electricity supply companies in Hargeisa to carry out repairs on all lines that transmit electricity, as the rainy season nears, so avoid danger to life and property.

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