Somaliland: Ten die of Covid-19 disease

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Mr. Hussein Aden Egeh (Dayr), spokesman for the Somaliland Covid 19 prevention committee, said three people had died of Covid 19 disease in El-Afweyn district bring the total to 10 nationwide while 30 persons are currently undergoing treatment.

The spokesman noted that the infection with Covid 19 had re-emerged and many people had died and numerous people have been hospitalized.

“Three people have succumbed to the disease, another 30 are in critical condition and currently undergoing treatment, in El-Afweyn Sanaag region, and there is a crisis in the Sool and Togdheer regions,” said Dayr.

Mr. Hussein Deyr said, “Due to the reemergence of COVID 19 in Somaliland the number of people infected has rising and medical messages needed to be taken by the general public. “The government of Somaliland is committed to raising public awareness.”

The government has urged the public to adhere to the Somaliland Ministry of Health’s health message, to use facemask, observe social distancing, and handwashing.

Meanwhile, ten people have died of the disease in Somaliland, according to a daily briefing by the Ministry of Health.


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