Somaliland: Medtecs joins forces with TSMC: Charity Foundation to donate PPEs to Taiwan’s three allies in Africa and the Americas

TAIPEI, On February 20, 2021, in conjunction with Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Medtecs Group, a leading personal protective equipment (PPE) supplier headquartered in Taiwan, donated coveralls, isolation gowns and other COVID-19-related PPE to the Kingdom of Eswatini, the Republic of Somaliland and the Commonwealth of Saint Lucia in partnership with TSMC Charity Foundation. The donation was designed to help Taiwan Government fulfill its Taiwan Can Help pledge.

Considering the proper control of the pandemic in Taiwan and the abundant supply of the protective equipment, Medtecs decided to join forces with the Foundation to support the Taiwan Can Help diplomatic initiative in conjunction with Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs by identifying and assisting countries that are in need of PPE. The donation comprises 150,000 surgical masks, 7,000 coveralls, 11,000 isolation gowns, 6,000 caps, 6,000 sets of shoe covers and 1,500 CoverU Jackets (flight suits). The items will be distributed across the three countries, all of which are struggling to cope with the COVID-19 crisis. TSMC Charity Foundation had generously paid for the shipping costs of the donated goods.

“Medtecs has been the leading partner and prime vendor for Taiwan government’s national stockpiles of strategic goods, including PPE, for more than 10 years, and we are honored to be given the opportunity to join in the government’s efforts to combat COVID-19 worldwide,” said Medtecs CEO William Yang. “Medtecs has long been committed to creating value not just for our shareholders but for communities where we have operations and offices. Now we’re taking a step further and expanding our reach by working side-by-side with TSMC Charity Foundation in coordinating and sponsoring donation of Medtecs’s vital personal protective equipment. In particular, we would like to thank the chairperson of the Foundation Sophie Chang for her advice and for sharing her experiences with us in humanitarian work.” Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, Medtecs has donated a large amount of anti-epidemic supplies, including surgical masks, coveralls, isolation gowns, head covers and shoe covers, to certain countries and regions worldwide that have been affected by the pandemic, including CambodiaFranceGermanyItalyJapanthe Philippines, Taiwan and the United States. By doing so, the company has demonstrated its commitment to deliver personal protective supplies as well as rapid-response humanitarian services based on its operating philosophy of keeping people safe and healthy.

“Although the COVID-19 vaccine has been available in the market for some time now, high-quality, top performing PPE remains the most direct and effective tool for pushing back and controlling the epidemic,” added the CEO, Mr. Yang. Taiwan’s achievements in epidemic prevention have been recognized by the international community. In response to the humanitarian aid program, Medtecs, in cooperation with TSMC Charity Foundation, has donated a series of anti-epidemic supplies to front-line medical staff in the three countries through Taiwan’s embassies in Eswatini and Saint Lucia as well as the Taiwan representative office in Somaliland, in the hope of helping them fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

About Medtecs Group

Medtecs is the world’s leading supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE) and logistics services to healthcare institutions with over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of specialized equipment.  Notably, all of the company’s products have been certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the equivalent authorities in the Europe Union. The Group has production facilities in Cambodia, mainland Chinathe Philippines and Taiwan, in addition to production lines in the United States. It also has set up logistics and warehousing centers in CanadaEuropeJapan and the United States to optimize distribution efficiency. Besides, the Group offers global delivery services, allowing everyone around the world to have quick access to the necessary anti-epidemic supplies through an online ecommerce facility. Medtecs is dedicated to supporting the health and safety of people worldwide.

SOURCE Medtecs International Corporation Limited

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